Our Services:

We provide the following in a patient centred caring environment.


After your examination and oral health assessment we discuss treatment options that would benefit and promote oral health

Preventive advice and all options for treatment, both NHS and Private options, with costs will be discussed during your appointment after your oral health has been assessed.

Additional examination and assessment services:

The Principal Dentist provides advanced services to assess the occlusion (bite) for advanced restorative dentistry and toothwear treatments using articulated study casts.This is available to help treatment planning, if justified, after your oral health assessment.

Specific brushes and other sundries may be advised during your examination to help plaque bacterial removal at difficult sites to improve oral health.

Hygiene Treatments

Hygiene treatments range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and include a gum health assessment, complete gum and tooth scaling( removing bacteria and scale:cleaning), polishing and preventive advice.

Airflow bacterial plaque and stain removal treatment

The use of innovative Airflow Technology to remove staining and bacteria with either Airflow (above the gum or supragingival) and/or Perioflow(under the gum or subgingival) treatments

Minimally invasive Airflow Technology is used for superior stain and plaque removal with Airflow and Perioflow treatments.

This minimally invasive technique reduces the need for hand and sonic/ultrasonic instrumentation to remove staining. It is safe, effective and gentle to teeth, soft tissues and implants.

Airflow uses sodium bicarbonate and purified warm water spray for stain removal and cleansing of teeth from extrinsic staining. The airflow treatment removes the ‘biofilm’ bacteria and staining from teeth. 

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is an effective method of removal of the bacterial biofilm using EMS Air-Flow technology, which use low-abrasive powders in an air polishing device.

We are able to use Guided Biofilm Therapy which begins with the use of a disclosing agent to guide clinicians to remove all biofilm during professional tooth cleaning procedures. This ensures complete biofilm (bacteria) removal

Dentures can also be disinfected and cleaned with airflow polishing to remove stains and bacteria.

All Airflow and perioflow treatments include basic scaling and tooth polishing. Treatments range from 30 -45 Minutes

Perioflow gum cleaning

Perioflow cleaning under gum line and implant cleaning.

Perioflow technology disinfects under the gum line by removing bacteria
. Perioflow uses a gentle disinfectant spray to clean under gum disease pockets, gently removing bacteria. The perioflow service also includes scaling, polishing and hygiene treatment

Perioflow is also a gentle and effective way to clean implant surfaces, removing bacteria whilst preserving implant.

Complete Hygiene Treatment with airflow/perioflow technology

This is a combined service for gum disinfection and tooth stain removal, which includes a hygiene service (scaling and polishing) with airflow stain removal and perioflow gum disinfection, providing a full mouth disinfection service. This is available as a 45-60 minute treatment.

Airflow and perioflow treatments are a comfortable way to remove bacteria and clean bacteria and stains from enamel, restorations, implants, and deep periodontal pockets with periodontal nozzles.It is also ideal for crowded teeth, as the airflow polishing uses a combination of water, sodium bicarbonate powder, and air to remove the bacteria and stains without physically touching the tooth.

The clinical evidence that supports Airflow/Perioflow bacterial removal is available online here:


Advanced periodontal gum treatments

Gum treatment includes complete gum health assessment chart, debridement of gum disease pockets using full mouth disinfection technique, which can be completed under local anaesthetic, and polishing of teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry and Tooth Whitening Treatments

Tooth Whitening Treatments

Tooth whitening includes bleaching consultation, bleaching custom made trays using bleaching gels, and all review appointments

Composite white cosmetic fillings are available using specific aesthetic layering of composite material to achieve an aesthetic shade match for your teeth

Restorative dentistry

Minimally invasive dentistry for restoration of teeth using adhesive bonded materials and techniques to conserve tooth structure

Silver amalgam and aesthetic composite restorations

Endodontic root canal treatments


  • Aesthetic zirconia and emax crowns :Ceramic aesthetic crowns including aesthetic shade checks for accurate shade matching to existing teeth
  • Full Gold crowns and onlays

Bridges: Minimal preparation adhesive bridges to replace teeth. Minimally invasive adhesive bridges(Maryland) bridges using adhesive materials and techniques for restoration, conserving healthy tooth structure.

Advanced restorative techniques for assessment and treatment of toothwear


Pre and post- operative advice information Find out more here.

Oral Surgery Advanced Services and Implants

  • Apicectomy
  • Extraction impacted wisdom teeth(selected cases)
  • Complex surgical extractions


  • Acrylic partial and complete dentures
  • Metal Chrome dentures

Sports mouthguards available for contact sports as single colour/or striped multicoloured design

Domicillary Home Visits

Provide Private home visits for housebound patients providing examinations, advice and basic treatment. Call out fee depends on location of visit

Children’s Dentistry

We advise all children have an oral health assessment from the time they have their first tooth so we may also discuss preventive advice with parents/guardians to prevent disease and promote health.

We provide a safe caring environment for children to have examinations and any necessary treatment.

We use the minimally invasive Atraumatic Restorative Technique (ART) to restore children’s teeth, which use fluoride releasing glass ionomer fillings to encourage remineralisation and healing of residual infected dental caries

We apply fluoride varnish to children’s teeth and discuss focused preventative advice.

Find out more about Children’s Teeth from the Oral Health Foundation.

Find out more Dental care for mother and baby


A Personal Dental Treatment Plan will be given at your appointment which will indicate your treatment options with the related costs, for both NHS and private treatments.

NHS Charges

For full details on NHS charges and exemptions , please refer to the leaflet ‘NHS charges’, available from the practice or click here.

Private Fees

Some treatments are available as an alternative to NHS treatment or are available for cosmetic reasons and may be advised. This will be discussed with you at your appointment.

A written estimate of all costs will be provided at your examination prior to treatment.

Please contact the Practice for information regarding Private Fees

Feedback and Complaints

We welcome feedback about the service you have received. If you are dissatisfied please inform a member of staff and we will acknowledge your feedback and respond as soon as possible.

We are currently taking on new NHS patients. Please call 01923 823148 for information.